jeudi 19 juillet 2012

New-York exhibition selected photos

Je suis invitée par la New York Hall of Science à présenter les 2 photos ci-dessous dans le cadre de l'exposition "Vital Signs" qui sera présentée du 1er septembre 2012 au 3 février 2013 au sein même du musée. Ici avec le texte explicatif qui leur sera joint.
I have been invited by the New York Hall of Science to present the 2 pictures below as part of the exhibition "Vital Signs" from september 1st 2012 till february 3rd 2013 in the museum. Showed here with the presentation text.
He sido invitada por el New York Hall of Science a presentar las dos fotos aqui abajo en el contexto de la exposición "Vital Signs" que tendra lugar del 1 de septiembre hasta el 3 de febrero en el mismo museo. Aqui con el texto de presentación.

"Conteur" (story teller)

 "Nidos Desnudos" (naked nests)

Posidonia Oceanica seagrass lives mainly in the Mediteranean Sea and those of the natural reserve near my home (Ibiza, Spain) supposedly comprise the world's oldest living organism. Working with such an unusual material conveys the profound mystery of the living world to my artistic research. In "Comptoir," the 28 elements (27 Posidonia balls and one polystyreen egg) stand for the standard biological rhythm of the human female, while the design itself symbolizes a spermatozoa, that is the male element. The duality suggests to a shadow of a DNA sequence: male vs. female, divergence vs. similitude, single vs. multiple... cell secrets. In "Nidos Desnudos," the polystyreen eggs emerging from the Posidonia balls (naturally created by the rolling waves from the dead part of the plant) allude to another duality: death and life, darkness and clarity, origin and future, traveling full-circle to where life started.

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  1. Félicitations, Madame Anne de Harlez, Votre travail artistique à la tendence à sensibiliser par le contraste et l'ambiguïté.
    Sa figure est aussi une belle sculpture, sans quelque ambiguïté ...

    Sérgio Werneck de Figueiredo

    Rio de Janeiro Brésil